Clients in Transit – COVID-19 Update


Dear All,


as you are aware, due to measures aimed at preventing the spread of SARS-Cov2 virus, Italian Authorities adopted certain measures. Each of our Clients living in marina has already received two subsequent notices on March 11, 2020 and March 12, 2020 with regard to pending restrictions. Situations stays as such. Should you need any clarification with respect to compliance to those rules, please inquire with public Authorities


Should you need to stay in our Marina, in transit, you may still do so, under your own personal liability, provided to following conditions. Preliminarily, you need to communicate your arrival, with due notice, sending us an email to . Therein, you are requested to communicated estimated day and time of arrival, details of each member of the crew, and ways of payment. Please also attach any useful document, for registration and payment.


Enclosed to such email, for each person on board, you are also kindly requested to anticipate a copy of the health statement and of the ID, to be signed off and handed out, upon arrival. Also, be aware that you may be asked to provide public Authorities with the reason of your trip, as detailed in the self-declaration.


Also, should you have not done that yet, please register your personal data online, through the following link: .


According to applicable regulation, you may be bound to an obligation of fiduciary isolation (quarantine), on board, for fourteen days from arrival. In any case, people in transit shall be invited not to leave the boat.


We trust on the complete understanding of our Clients and we thank you for the kindest cooperation.


A strong commitment from everybody is today a must. Everything will be alright. #Westayontheboat


Yours sincerely,


Fabio Filocamo

CEO, Marina di Roccella

Porto delle Grazie S.r.l.

Office ph.: +39.0964.85847 


Health Statement v. agg_ 31_08_2020 - se
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OR CALL : 0039 - 096548379


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